What sport teams does Boise, ID have? What sports activities can you do in Boise?

Boise has many sports teams, but we have not gotten any Pro teams – YET!  Boise’s main sport focus is around the Boise State Bronco’s. Here are the teams Boise currently has;

Boise State Broncos – Football, Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball, Wrestling and more….(Mountain West Champions in many sports)

BoiseStateFootballBoise Steelheads
– Boise’s hockey team and Kelly Cup Champions!

Idaho Stampede – Boise/Nampa’s Basketball D-league team  07′-08′ Champions

Boise Hawks – Boise’s Minor League Baseball Team

Le Bois Park – Horse racing track

Meridian Speedway – 1/4 mile asphalt oval

Firebird Raceway – Drag Racing




That covers our spectator teams and sports, but what about the sports you want to do? Well, Boise is a great place and provides many options with the great geographic diversity.  Here is a list of the activities to can do in or near Boise.

The Boise River and anything you can do on a river; boat, float, fish, swim, kayaking and paddle boarding.

There are 4 ski resorts with in a 2 hour drive and as close as a 1/2 hour. In addition to the skiing opportunities many of these resorts over warm weather fun such as Mountain Biking and Frisbee Golf etc…


Ridge to Rivers Trail System – There are hiking, biking, walking, motorcycle, ATV and off road trails all over the place.sandy-point-beach

Southwest Idaho Waters -There are many lakes close by for all those lake activities.

There are golf courses all over the place and each has its own style.

We have places for miniature golf,  and go-carts.

Places for kids like Roaring Springs Water Park and Wahooz Fun Zone

Family Fishing Waters – There are many fishing ponds all over the place.

We have The Boise Green Belt that runs 25 miles along the Boise River and is great for walkers, runners, bikers, and roller blades.  This system runs through many parks and a BMX area.

Youth Sports – There are many places all over the place for Tennis, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Bowling, Soccer, Karate, BMX , La Cross and there are a few Frisbee Golf courses around.

Idaho Ice World – Ice skating and Ice hockey

There are many skate parks and playgrounds scattered throughout the valley.

There are some great places for real rock climbing with in 10 minutes of downtown and lots of places for indoor rock climbing.


If I forgot someones sport I am sorry, if there is a sport, you can most likely do it in Boise. If you have anymore ideas please tells us about it the comments.


*I saw a new activity to do this weekend while riding on the greenbelt. I saw a gentleman Wind Surfing in Quinn’s Pond (aka Clocktower pond).

**The new Ester Simplot Park they are building right next door to Quinn’s Pond looks like it is going to be an amazing place.

What is a buyers agent? — What do they do? — Why do I need one?

Kuna Homes for SaleThese are the questions and here is what you need to know. Here are some things to know about a Buyers Agent.

  • Represents the buyer and is promoting the interest of the buyer with good faith, loyalty and protecting the buyers confidences in a real estate transaction.
  • A buyers agent works for the buyer and has the buyers best interest in mind.
  • A buyers agent will write and deliver contracts in a timely manner and advises the buyer to obtain expert advise when so needed.
  • A buyers agent will disclose adverse material facts about the property that they know of.
  • A buyers agent is not an inspector or an attorney.
  • A buyers agent is not working for the sellers interest.


Here are a few reasons why you should use a buyers agent and the benefits of using one.

  • A buyers agent will evaluate your needs and wants to locate the properties that best fit what your looking for.
  • They have a network and will provide a few people you can contact to help get you pre-qualified and determine the amount you can afford.
  • They can open doors! we will show you homes that you are interested in a fit your criteria.
  • A buyers agent will help to identify problems or issues with a property to help the customer make an informed decision on the home.
  • A buyers agent will advise you on building and making an appropriate offer to purchase a home.
  • Your agent will deliver the offer to the sellers agent on the clients behalf and will advise the client in negotiations to help purchase a property.
  • As a buyer client you will be fully represented throughout the real estate transaction.


How many times have you bought a home? Once, twice or maybe three times in your life? A real estate transaction can be very complicated with lots of little details to be handled. Most of the time the seller is represented by an agent, so why wouldn’t you want to be represented for your best interest when buying real estate? As a buyers agent, I am responsible to protect and fight for your best interest. When you use an agent, research shows that a client on average will find there home a week faster and see three more properties than if you go it alone.

Contact me today to be your buyers agent! Together we will get you a great house at a fair price. atv.outlaw@yahoo.com, 996-6507 or simply fill out the Dream Home Request form.

Raising your kids in Boise

Idaho is a great place to raise your kids and Boise its self offers a lot more to our children.  They say you should walk the walk if your going to talk the talk.  Well, I have four children that I am raising here in Boise Idaho and I would recommend raising your kids here too. Here is why….IMG_20140913_154135

Boise has so much to offer in outdoor activities for our children and with a little effort from the parents to get them out there, there is no good reason our kids should have to live on television.  I wrote a post on sports and activities that you can do in or very close to Boise (my Boise sports/activity Blog), many if not all of these sports and activities can be a part of our kids lives here in Boise.  As I wrote at the end of that blog, if there is a sport you can most likely do it in Boise.  This is great for raising your kids here, because no matter what sport they take a liking to, you can support them and help them achieve there goals with a lesser cost and less travel.

Now that we know there is lots of activities we can have our kids do here, what about fueling their brains? We have lots of good places here to take your kids and let there minds grow.  Here is a list of the learning places in and around Boise, many of these places your kids will also get to see through school field trips.

MK Nature Center

Discovery Center of Idaho – One of the best places to grow our k
ids minds

Zoo Boise

The Idaho Shakespeare Festival – Watch Shakespeare plays

Basque Museum & Cultural Center

Boise Art Museum

Eagle Museum

World Center for the Birds of Prey – Real life raptors!

Idaho Aviation Hall of Fame

Idaho Black History Museum

Idaho Botanical Garden

Idaho City Historical Museum

Idaho State Historical Museum

Idaho Museum of Mining & Geology – Free admission!

Old Idaho Penitentiary State Historic Site -(good for getting your kids scared of jail!)  JK

Sports Humanitarian Hall of Fame

War-hawk Air Museum

Now we have gotten the kids outdoors and have fed their little minds, but what about the schools?  Schools are very important in our kids growth and I have to be honest, this is where Boise appears falls on its head.  My the national test results show that Boise schools are just below average.  This could be a good thing for our generation of kids because the pressure is on to get students test scores up or else (No Student Left Behind Act). While Boise has many older schools, these are being closed in favor of new buildings. As the valley expands, the number of kids per classroom is becoming better and is dropping the student to teacher ratio. Overall its not bad, but things could be better for the public schools here.  Go here if you would like to see reports on individual schools. If you are still concerned about public schools, there are many private and church schools around that are fairing much better on student test scores.

And crime, what about crime in Boise ID?  Crime is low here compared to the national average and the crime rate has been dropping over the past year.  Most of the crimes here are not of a serious and dangerous nature. I do not leave my house watching my back the whole way or avoid certain areas because they’re bad. Boise is safe, however I always lock my doors to protect against theft. Boise has won awards for being one of the top safest places to live.  View Boise’s Crime Stats

Boise, Idaho is a great place for our kids and if you would like to know more about Boise, visit my Things to do in Boise Page  and read all my post!

Do Your Know Your Idaho State Symbols?

State Seal of IdahoHere are the Idaho state symbols:

The Idaho State Flower is the Syringa – a beautiful white flower found in the wooded areas of the state.

The Idaho State Bird is the Mountain Bluebird – A gorgeous bird with a brilliant shade of blue.

The Idaho State Raptor is the Peregrine Falcon – Idaho recognizes two birds and the raptor can be seen soaring through the sky’s all over the state.

The Idaho State Fish is the Cutthroat Trout – Found in the sparkling rivers in streams in Idaho.

The Idaho State Flag – View and learn more here

The Idaho State Seal – View and learn more here

The Idaho State Horse is the Appaloosa – A pretty horse that is easily distinguished by its spots

The Idaho State Fruit is the Huckleberry – A great tasting and smelling purple berry.

The Idaho State Fossil is the Hagerman Horse – Found at the Hagerman fossil beds.

The Idaho State Gem is the Star Garnet – A beautiful dark purple stone.

The Idaho State Insect is the Monarch Butterfly – Found all over in the mountain areas

The Idaho State Tree is the Western White Pine – Found all over the state

The Idaho State Vegetable is the Potato – Like I had to tell you that!

The Idaho State Dance is the Square Dance – Lets get down and party!

The Idaho State Song is Here we Have Idaho


Here is a little bonus information about the State of Idaho:

The Idaho State Motto is Let it be perpetual

The Idaho State nickname is The Gem State – You thought it was the potato state didn’t you?

Where did Idaho get its name? – Well Idaho is a made up name, but it was first thought to be a Shoshone Indian word meaning “Gem of the Mountains” and by the time they figured out it was a made up word it was to late the name had stuck.


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Shannon and Mike

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This experience has been so positive and I credit you with a big part of that.

Thanks for all of your help.”


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