Tip For Buying In A Sellers Market

Are you trying to buy a home but your offers keep getting over looked or outbid Here is a TIP from a PRO like myself that I recommend all the time to help your offer stand out from the others.

In today’s competitive buyer’s market, STANDING OUT from the crowd in your offer letter may be the difference when it comes to getting the home of your dreams.

While your Realtor® will help you write the best possible offer for the home you want, writing a personal letter to go with your offer is an great idea. With your letter, you may appeal to the seller on a personal level. After all, selling a home is emotional and appealing to a seller’s emotions may increase your chance of having your offer selected over another.

Here are some great tips for writing a personal letter to accompany your offer:

1.) 😎 Speak from your heart about why you love the sellers home – In your letter, highlight all the features of the home that you love. The seller likely has fond memories in the home so connecting with them and acknowledging the hard work put into the home can give you a leg up.

2.) 📢 Tell the seller about yourself– Sharing some things about your life may let them know that you are the right person for the home. If the neighborhood reminds you of where you grew up or if you think it will be a wonderful place to raise children, mention those things in your letter to create a personal connection with the seller.

3.)  Leave out any mentions remodeling – Even if you are planning to remodel the home, leave details out of the offer letter. Remember, you could be changing things about the home that the seller loves.

4.) 💵 Discuss affordability– It is always a great idea to have a pre-approval letter when making an offer on a home so that the seller knows you are serious, have done the work on your end and that you can afford it. Additionally, include a brief statement in your letter to remind the seller that you are financially capable of purchasing and maintaining the home and that you are prepared and qualified. Keep it short and sweet– Keep the emotion upbeat throughout your letter. The seller may have other offer letters to read and consider, so making your points short and easy to read, this will give you the best chance of having yours remembered.

5.)  Taking your time to write the letter correctly, clearly and have included all the points you want to address. This can be a valuable component to purchasing your dream home. Always remember to  spellcheck your letter and have a friend or spouse read it to make sure that spelling and grammar are correct.

Hope this advise helps you get your dream home ☀️😎


I am proud to announce I am now a PHYSICIANS AGENT™ and part of the Physicians Loans USA network with real estate solutions for doctors.

With all the new hospital growth in the area I am looking forward to helping doctors find great homes so they can get settled and start bringing great medical care to Treasure Valley residents.

Physicians Agent Boise

Congrats, what a find!

🎉 Congrats, what a find My buyers were looking for a specific home and had dialed it down to 1 certain neighborhood, with only one home  available which was not the one, what did we do Did we just sit and wait? No, with my suggestion we got creative…. we reached out to folks that both the buyer knew and I knew that had connections in the desired neighborhood. We turned up a few homes  that would be potentially on the market soon, we explored the options and were able to lock down a remodeled home before it ever hit the market.  Since no one knew about it, we did not have to fight with multiple offers and were able to secure the home at a lower purchase price without stressful negotiations. Welcome to your new home Derek and Stephanie.

Home Sold in Kuna Idaho

Looking back at 2017

Looking back at 2017, what do we see?

– Inventory is low and getting lower everyday.
– More buyers are back in the market after recovering from a foreclosure or short sale.
– Available homes in Ada County are currently 3/5 brand new homes being built.
– Ada County median home prices are up 8.6% over 2016
– Canyon County median home prices are up 12.5% over 2016
– If no new homes were listed we would run out of available homes in 1.6 months (a balanced market is 6 months)